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Who is this for?
Those that want to grow in their personal
development and learn how to resolve unhelpful
or harmful cycles in their life.
This is also the entree program for those
that want to become a life consultant.

Coil Consulting Foundation

Turn your pain stories into love stories 
and be empowered to live the full life 
you are created for. 

Coil Consulting Foundations is 
focused on creating awareness 
of the inner workings of your soul
and how it operates in a storyline
from your past. This storyline unknowingly directs 
all your actions, thoughts and emotions.
We will identify the characters in the story so you
can  understand the limiting beliefs
they taught you that in turn
direct your thoughts, emotions and
actions. We will train you and coach you to 
 discover and turn those limiting pain 
stories into love stories so you can live the 
fulfilled, intimately loved life you are created for. 

We are waiting for you!!

What's included:

6 In-depth Online Trainings

Coil Consulting writen curriculum PDF

2 one-on-one life consulting sessions with Coil Coaching

Action Plans for each week

6 Live Sessions with Matt & Lindsay

Bonus content and resources

What our graduates say about our programs?

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