Your Kingdom come your will be done on earth as in heaven. Matt 6:10

God's Kingdom of Love can flow through you the best
when you're the best version
of who He created you to be


What does the best you look like
and what are you doing in that life? What does it feel like to live your fulfilled thriving life God has called you to?

This is what awaits you in this part-time 9-month leadership and mentoring program.

You will Discover

Who you are created to be in life
What you are called to do in life

Who you are destined to do life with while learning how to be led by God, lead yourself, and lead others.

We are all leaders of some kind in our life. We have the greatest leadership responsibility of leading ourselves. Do you feel you could use some kind of upgrade in that area or learn a new skill to take you to the next level personally?

Great leaders are first great followers. Following God is the most important role in our life. As we let Him lead us the rest of our life will fall into place.

Finally, you lead others in many ways. From being a parent, to coworkers, and to friendships, the role of leading is a skill and can be learned. I would also say it needs to be learned so you can BE who God has called you to be.

JOIN US as we go on a journey of seeing the big picture of who God has called us to BE and experience the THRIVING life that awaits you.

Thriving One Diagram in Coil Coaching Mentoring Program

It's all connected!
When we are weak or stuck in an area of life,
it affects the other areas of who we are.
As you bring who YOU are, what you DO,
and who you do it WITH into UNITY with God's Kingdom,
you experience the fulfillment of God, and become

What's Included in Kingdomized One?

Main Session

Main Session is through Zoom, one Friday a month 6:30-8:00pm California time

1on1 Coaching/Mentoring

A coaching/mentoring session with Matt or Lindsay once a month (1hr/month)

Action Assignments

You will have Action Assignments related to your specific growth plan

Personnal Connection

You will have access to one of our mentors

What will I gain during the Learning Process?

During the Student Learning Process you'll have:

How much will I invest for myself?

You will have approximately 8+ hours per month investing into yourself


We offer our introductory BONUS found below



Dont miss the chance!
One time payment ($1350) deadline will be on September 1, 2021 and
Monthly Payment ($160) deadline will be every 5th of the month starting September 5, 2021

What are the themes and schedules during the Mentoring Program?

1st day of Mentoring Program


September 10, 2021

Graduation Day of Mentoring Program


May 7, 2022

Monthly Theme and Main Session Schedule 2021-2022

Monthly Theme and Main Session of Kingdomized 1 Mentoring Program
Themes and Schedules of Mentoring Program-2

What will I walk away with from this mentoring program?

A few of the biggest things people say when they work with us is they gain clarity, confidence, and direction in life. Clarity that creates the ability to celebrate and own who they are which creates confidence in them and what they do. With that inner strength, they are able to pursue their destiny with focus and passion without hesitation. You will walk away with high level personal leadership skills to hear God’s voice, lead yourself, and others with confidence and wisdom.

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