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Thriving One Podcast- Episode 33

Understanding how pursuing holistic health through understanding the soul and caring for the body can help translate spiritual experiences and intimacy with God into daily life and relationships. In this episode, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Soorin Backer from OARS. We delved into the fascinating topic of holistic health and explored the ways in which we can take care of our body, soul, and spirit. Tune in!

What do we have here for you?

  • Holistic health and personal destiny activation
  • Spiritual maturity and soul health.
  • Holistic health and valuing the body in the Christian faith.
  • Valuing all aspects of self, including body, for deeper relationship with God.
  • Holistic health and emotional wellness in Christianity.
  • Embracing pain and growth in spiritual journey.

Quotes to ponder:

We are in a journey of valuing every part of who we are.
Lindsay Coil
Coil Coaching
Our focus is really to help people reach their highest potentials in life.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep. 33
I'm really passionate about seeing people connected to intimacy with the Lord and allowing them to have a tangible experience through their time alone with him.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep 33
I was seeing the Scripture come alive to me, but not seeing the power of the scripture in my life. And so I started pursuing just the different areas of seeing the manifestation of God's power and love, and everything that I did
Matt Coil
Coil Coaching

Dont miss the following!

  • Pursue holistic health through understanding the soul and caring for the body can help translate spiritual experiences and intimacy with God into daily life and relationships
  • Prepare for the turbulent times ahead by focusing on intimacy with God and stewarding connection with Him so His love can be manifest through our lives no matter the situation.
  • Emphasizes the importance of honoring and stewarding the body as the temple of the Holy Spirit, and caring for one’s soul and body to manifest God’s love to others
  • Know the importance of valuing every part of who we are, including our body, and recognizing that God values us even in our mess.
  • Reflect on  personal growth through relationships with loved ones, recognizing the importance of valuing oneself and stewarding love within to be present with God and others.

Do you want to grow, prosper and multiply with all areas of life? Come and join us as we learn to thrive in who we are, what we do and who we do it with!

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