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Thriving One Podcast- Episode 19

In this episode, we talk more about goals and success mindset in this episode. We also share here a 2-step approach to get past your unmet expectations and be consistent towards your goals. Join us in this insightful conversation.

In this podcast episode:

Before we get started, we're just gonna catch up. Find out what's going on.

  • So, before we head into our podcast topic, we just wanted to say for all of you who are a part of our Kingdomized One, we want to just celebrate you. You are doing such a great job, investing in yourself week by week, having a better perspective about life and just working towards your healing and wholeness. So we celebrate that you’re doing really well.
  • Our upcoming Coil Coaching Certification is coming up this next couple of weeks. We are so excited for this new wave of students that are going to be joining us. So we are so happy and we celebrate you. We celebrate your progress, your journey and where you are headed.
  • We have our programs running. We also have our Coil Consulting Mastery Program, which focuses more on the advanced segment after you do the other programs of getting trained on how to do specific counseling to help people experience freedom. So, I’m so excited for our students in the Mastery program, and just the investment they’re making into their own lives, and to serve, support and celebrate those to help them into their place of victory. So it’s so much fun doing community and life together.

Success Mindset: How To Be Consistent with Success Mindset

One of the things I always want, it really matters to me is authenticity.When I talk about authenticity and who I am, one of the things I was thinking about was, how to steward a successful mindset. Because we all have our moments in life, that are ups and our downs, our valleys and our mountain tops, and it feels like I’ve been experiencing some Valley moments recently. And I really have to apply this mindset, these specific mindsets that I’m going to bring up in. So I thought it’d be a great time since I’m really being intentional with stewarding this experiencing some Valley moments that we would really focus on.

How do we practically steward it because success is most measured in the difficulty?

  • It’s not measured when it’s easy. It’s natural.
  • It’s in the difficult moments that you steward those mindsets, so that they create the reality of success later that day, week or the next month in the upcoming year.
  • It’s a choice to let go of what you want, and do the best you can with what’s in front of you. Yeah, and do that consistently.
  • What you want says expectation and do the best you can with what’s in front of you, and do that consistently.

How do you define success?

  • It’s a way that I love and treat people that I have to let go of perfectionism
  • Letting go of expectations of inorder to set goals with flexibility
  • Flexibility is so key in moving forward towards goals
  • Having consistency and taking small steps towards the goal

How can I move towards success in my life, live a thriving life and be the best version of myself?

  • Invest in your personal success and personal value
  • Communicate God’s best love to yourself and towards others
  • Avoid comparing yourselves with other people’s journeys if it will only make you feel discouraged.

Why is consistency essential in success?

  • If you don’t have the motivation to be consistent, to grow outside your gift set, then you’ll always be limited to what you’re good at.
  • Consistency is a key to moving past limitations.

The process to move through and create consistent momentum in our lives

  • Have internal dialogue with yourself- Ask yourself what do you need?
  • Do venting- Allowing yourself to acknowledge what you’re feeling and experiencing.
  • Celebrate – celebrate, steward love and success.

Take-away message for you

  • GIVE YOURSELF THAT PERMISSION. Give yourself that permission, allow yourself to grow and mature from the mindset that you had
  • EVERYTHING ALWAYS ENDS UP WORKING OUT. Everything always ends up working out. Yeah, it may not be what you had envision it, but sometimes it is actually better than you imagine it.
  • LET GO OF WHAT YOU CAN’T CONTROL. As long as you keep believing that and have that success mindset as being consistent, letting go of what you can’t control, and then believing in where you’re headed.
  • BE CONSISTENT. Consistency is a key to moving past limitations.
  • KEEP BELIEVING. When you believe in where you’re headed, you’re able to maybe see something about yourself that you haven’t seen before.

Quotes to ponder:

Love creates competence. Love creates momentum.
Lindsay Coil
Coil Coaching
Even in your hard times, remember, believe in where you're headed.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep. 19
God says He'll never leave us nor forsake us. Yeah. And this is that what I call witness, God supports us by being with us. He's so with us.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep 19
What's needed in consistency and success is to create consistent momentum in our lives.
Matt Coil
Coil Coaching

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