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Thriving One Podcast- Episode 7

As we are celebrating this month as Women’s History Month, we also have exciting news for you.In this episode, Lindsay Coil shares her heart behind launching Coil Coaching Women and the value of being in a community with other women.Coil Coaching Women is a great opportunity where people of different diversity can bring their strength together to be known, to connect, and to celebrate one another.Listen to this episode and this might be the community you are looking for. Tune in now.

Why Coil Coaching Women?

1. Every woman has a story to tell and gifts to share with the world.

2. Women are

3. Recognize the strength and power of women in community

How can you join and be part of Coil Coaching Women?

  • Email us through
  • Join our Facebook group which will be launched this coming March 9, 2022
  • Follow our Coil Coaching Women Website for more updates  
  • Be prepared for Virtual Meetings and online gatherings that will be conducted once a month.

Quotes to ponder:

Possibilities happen, when
women gather together.
Lindsay Coil
Coil Coaching
You have the power to
influence others.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep. 6
The strength of women that work together, a lot of things that can happen.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep 6.
It’s so key for lady's to gather around each other and support one another.
Matt Coil
Coil Coaching

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