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Thriving One Podcast- Episode 13

Spirit Man Care is the focus of nurturing a healthy Spirit Man and healing or reviving, which is why Christ comes into us. He gave us the Holy Spirit to revive our spirit, to bring us into connection, to revive a separated or fragmented spirit man. And so it’s this nurturing process. In this podcast, we’re gonna be focusing on the nurturing aspect like how do I practically do that, not just reading the Bible (which is important), not just going to church, or talking to people about scripture. It’s actually about the in-depth or advanced discipleship side of spirit man care.

In this podcast episode:

We want you to hear on what's going on with Coil Coaching

  • We had a great open house. So coil coaching programs, open house last Monday, thank you for all who showed up, what a blast it was to see you kind of share our hearts, the vision of what God’s been doing in and around our lives, how we’ve been able to support and equip people like you. And so thanks again for coming out. So fun. If you’re interested in our programs, even if you’re listening to this in the future, you can go to coil and look under our programs and see the two specific areas that we focus on in developing supporting equipping leaders and people.

  • We got a personal development program: It’s called Kingdomized and the Advanced Leadership Program. I have a saying that if you understand people, you’ll understand leadership. And so the two main programs within that advanced Leadership Program, spot is our coaching. So we train people to be coaches, life coaches, so our coaching as a leader, if you’re a leader, as a parent leader, as an individual of yourself a leader of coaching others, it applies to all that and then we have our life consulting program. So that’s more on the counseling side training people to be using counseling skills to help people experience transformation to find their way out of harmful or limiting cycles.
  • We also have Coil Coaching Women. We just had our July online gatherings, we did our in person gathering last July 8, and that was so successful. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but 50 women, local women showed up and everybody was just so hungry and it was an amazing time. So we’re gonna do more of that, like that was just like, kind of like a taste of what it would look like to do a local gathering in person. But we had an incredible time with our online gathering. And we brought in one of our previous podcast topics on the power of belonging. So basically, it was really great to hear the questions and the wisdom that the women carry and I think we all as women as mothers as wives as sisters, friends, like we have so much wisdom that we carry in regards to that topic. So it was successful and in the future, this is just a quick plug in, we are going to be doing an in person retreat sometime in October. So if you are like gosh, like I’m going to need to fly in there like you know, if you need to make plans, that’s great, you know, it’s going to be on October 21 and the 22nd. So more details will come later on.

So let's have a recap of the previous episode Spirit Man Care part 1

  • Spirit man care is an understanding that we are trying beings, we are spirit, we are a soul, we are a body, and how we move forward and actually maturing. 
  • If we’re saying, what’s the purpose behind what we’re doing in the area of understanding soul care, understanding spirit, man care, it’s all related to helping us mature.
  • 1 Corinthians 14:20 Brothers and sisters, stop thinking like children. In regard to evil be infants, but in your thinking be adults.
  • John 15:16 It says, You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that fruit should remain.
  • Matthew 5:48. Be perfect as I am perfect.
  • The word perfection there actually means mature. And so once I looked that up, and I translated that, that scripture, it really brought a lot of peace in my heart, because I understood that maturing isn’t not an overnight thing.
  • Our goal is in talking about what spirit man or spirit man cares about how to mature and grow in that area.
  • So the definition, Spirit man care, is like the focus of nurturing a healthy spirit man, or healing or reviving, which is why Christ came into us, He gave us the Holy Spirit to revive our spirit to bring us into connection. So to revive a separate or fragmented, fragmented spirit, man. And so it’s this nurturing process.

Spirit Man Care

We’re gonna be continuing doing kind of part two from last last time. We’re talking about spirit, man care. So how to care and grow in your spirit man. And it’s gonna be more about on like how to do what’s practical.

1. Why do we want to care for our spirit man

  • As I care for my spirit Man, I’m really stewarding the peace of God that is within me.
  • In Christ, we are made a new creation and it’s his life within me that is the birth of this new creation.
  • It’s a part not only that I’m not just respecting God, but I’m respecting me as an individual spirit,soul and body.

2. How do we care for spirit man?

  • To properly care for who you are as a spirit man, it’s so key that you understand the unique Christness, that unique piece of God that’s within us.
  • It’s not just about a certain way, and that’s the beauty of individuality, how God has created us as individuals that make up a body.
  • Celebrate and not just compare. When comparison comes in, we devalue the piece of heaven, the peace of God that we carry as individuals.
  • As we’re maturing and growing a big part of that is recognizing our uniqueness.
  • Celebrating and putting this back into how we practically nurture our spirit man is so key.
  • In comparison it has criticism and judgment involved in it and celebration has value, it has acceptance, and ultimately, connection and love.
  • Love is about acceptance, value and connection.
  • Love opens up a lot of doors.
  • When we learn to love, value, accept, celebrate, then we will learn how to function as a one body.
  • So as we’re presenting being the body of Christ, it’s so key that as we’re caring for our spirit, man and devaluing it.
  • Spirit man care is actually expressing who you’re meant to be.

3. So how do we celebrate?

  • One way to celebrate is to just be thankful.
  • Celebrate the little things in the largest things.
  • If I’m caring for myself, well, then I’ll really be able to be present to care for others. Because my needs are met.
  • If my needs are met, I can really show up and meet the needs of others.
  • Taking care of yourself is actually loving, loving God and loving others.

4. What are some of the practical ways that we can invest into our personal spiritual/ spirit man growth?

  • It needs communion with God, you know it needs
  • So you need to be able to make space for those priorities.
  • Pick one study about God’s mercy, study about his unconditional love. And as you do that your spirit man begins to commune with who God is.

Quotes to ponder:

When we learn to love, value, accept, celebrate, then we will learn how to function as a one body.
Lindsay Coil
Coil Coaching
Love is about acceptance, value
and connection.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep. 11
In comparison it has criticism and judgment involved in it and celebration has value, it has acceptance, and ultimately a connection.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep 11
As we're maturing and growing a big part of that is recognizing our uniqueness.
Matt Coil
Coil Coaching

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