Our Vision and Mission

Coil Coaching Women is a global network by women and for women around the world. We want to create space for connection, collaboration, empowerment, and growth. We hope to accomplish this through our:



Leadership Mentoring

Our Founder

Lindsay Coil is Co-Founder and CEO of Coil Coaching. She has a passion for equipping and empowering people to live a thriving life as well as to bring transformation within their chosen sphere of influence. Over the last 20 years, she has been part of leadership teams organizing and training groups in leadership, personal, and spiritual development. Lindsay has also been traveling as an inspirational speaker to various audiences around the world. She loves people and has a huge heart for women, leadership, legacy, and government. She has partnered with non-profits in different countries doing work in the prisons, trash dumps, schools, ministries, human trafficking, government leaders, and youth. She loves living a thriving life with her husband, Matt and their beautiful daughter, Madison.

Are you ready?

You have the POWER to:

  • create high-level ideas to support and lead others for a better life
  • collaborate and connect with other women 
  • grow together and continue to live with life’s beauty

Get ready to connect, collaborate, build, and grow with other women empowered for transformation.

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