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Join us as we go on this 6-month journey of discovering 
How to empower people to see where they are stuck
And what they need to move forward.

Coil Coaching Program

Coaching is focused on empowering
clients in a self-discovery process
to move past where they feel stuck.
We do this by using active listening,
asking powerful questions, expanding their 
perspective, identifying limiting beliefs,
setting actionable steps and following up 
with them. 

It uses a present to future-focus. 
Clients are the experts of their life, not us.
Coaching is a skill of supporting 
and drawing out the client’s story so 
both of you can see where they are 
really stuck and draw out the solution
that will work for them.

Coaches empower clients on how to think
instead of what to think.

Coaching is a powerful foundational skill
in supporting people to navigate through their journey
and identify where they are at,
what is needed and how they can get to
where they want or need to go.
Coaching is a vital ability as an individual
in the leadership of yourself and others.
You can use this skill in any area of
leadership from Leading yourself,
leading your family, to leading a corporation.

Creating an empowering culture in teams or
for individuals trying to navigate through difficult situations
and find creative solutions is vital to personal success
for yourself and those you lead. 

Join us and become the empowering leader you want to be. 

What's included:

Everything included in Kingdomized One (K1)

8 Live Sessions with Matt & Lindsay

2 In-depth Online Trainings on Intro to Life Consulting (AVEC Process)

6 In-depth Online Trainings


1 One-on-One Coaching Session

Program Schedules

12 Live Sessions K1

(Thursday 6PM PST)

8 Live Sessions

(Tuesday 6PM PST)

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