coil consulting


Comprehensive advanced training and activation in leading
people in freedom and lasting transformation.

Life Consulting Mastery Program

Get equipped:
Master the art of supporting people to 
discover where they need help. Lead them
 to transform their lives when they are stuck
 in a cycle, they can’t find their way out of
or are limited in. 
Empower them to move on with 
success in all areas of their life.

Be a part of the Community 
An integral part of growing into this role is 
the support and collaboration of peers. 
knowing you are not alone in this journey, 
sharing ideas, resources and encouragement
Is like putting a turbo booster on your process. 

Start your business:
Along with that learn to start your 
own Coaching/consulting business
and get all the support and knowledge 
you need to make it a reality. 
From getting through the start-up hurdles 
of confident mindsets, finding your niche,
creating the infrastructure of consistency to 
grow, communicate your value through 
social media. We Will also put up a landing page
or web page for people to find you and
see your professionalism. 
It’s not your job to know how to do all of this. 
That’s our job to lead you on this journey.  
So come and belong to the team and lets
Grow, Prosper and transform live together. 

What our graduates say about our program?

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