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We asked our clients these FOUR questions and requested them to answer as honestly as they could. The questions were:

To read and know what our clients said about our services and how it impacted their life, scroll down.

Anthony Arvizu

What I would say to someone who is considering service with Matt, is “Get ready for supernatural growth in your life. Once you start this journey you will begin to see breakthroughs in areas you struggled with internally and externally.”

What I liked about this coaching with Matt was that he was always pushing me into greatness. In areas I felt weak and afraid, that’s where his words of encouragement became the courage I needed to face the giants that were in front of me. Matt He showed me how to face my giants head on and I did. My most impactful moment is when Matt showed me how to lovingly confront a family member in my life who was hurtfully speaking to me. Matt showed me how to face this person with courage, love and strength. The outcome was greater connection and breakthrough in our relationship. The results of working with Matt were victory and greater identity in who I am in Christ. I learned how to “be” and not “do”. If you want to learn how to live out your identity as a son or daughter then I highly encourage you to work with Matt.

Before with Matt I was feeling stressed and was struggling with relationships in my life. But after meeting with Matt I feel restful and fully equipped for the future knowing it will be great!

My inner life has changed a lot by working with Matt. He helped me reconnect myself with my inner child. Little me was experiencing fear but when Matt showed me how to tag team with Jesus when It comes to encouraging my inner child that he will thrive. That’s when I started to feel peace, rest and confidence for my future.

Matt has been an amazing father in my life and being able to see his love and faith in me has launched me into my destiny. Thank you Matt!

Olivia Jones

Matt led me on a discovery of my belief systems. Turns out I am pretty critical of myself. This discovery gave me a greater awareness of the roots behind the pain. Which in turn gave me great perspective for humanity. It has reconnected me to the reality of Grace. How to be kind to myself. How to love those who used me as an outlet to take out their pain. All together a reconciling experience to myself.

I enjoyed having Matt as simply a great listener. The word vomit I spewed every session had hidden roots behind it and Matt was able to draw those roots out and really clear my mind of any critical darkness that I had allowed to fog my mind. He was like the one with a flashlight in a cave. Shining light on things undiscovered. I mentally feel lighter. Motivated.

Previously I felt like a mental cloud. My decision making felt visionless and I was in a constant state of disappointment. During and now after Matt’s coaching, I have a mental sharpness and state of peace as well as deep belief to step into DREAMS and conquer those adulting obstacles that felt impossible.

I personally had a mission to conquer inner peace. I have anxieties that I didn’t know how to control or really know what triggered them. Matt was able to shine some light and honestly it stemmed from belief systems I had. Beliefs that were actually lies. I have personally invested in a Thankfulness Journal. To write out my end-of-the-day celebrations. I didn’t celebrate my personal success enough. So I always felt behind. My awareness has honestly helped me funnel what my actual responsibilities are in life. Dumping unattainable expectations. 

This was a blessing in disguise. Matt has this ability to plant you in a childlike love for yourself and those around you. Undoing life’s messes and bringing this element of redemption. I truly believe that one of the worlds greatest gifts meant to share with one another is BELIEF. Believing in someone to do ANYTHING is POWERFUL. That is a strength that Matt himself carries. He has a fatherly coaching style that creates a safe space to share the depths of your heart and really make some groundbreaking digs in your life. I LOVE MATT! Professional, trustworthy and very fun.

LOVE YOU MATT! Thank you for your TIME! Excited for this career path for you and Lindsay and for so many others to be healed and restored.The world knows the gospel of Jesus by your love and guidance.May his glory be known deeper by clients, through your coaching.

Kim Bitz

Why would you not do it? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Matt is there as a support to help you grow as a person. He allows you to go after your own goals and dreams, while being a voice of reason when at times things might not make sense. He allows you to go on your own journey and supports you every step of the way.

It was great to have someone there to hold me accountable to the things I said I want to do and grow in. And when I struggled with one of my goals, you were there to help me get to the root of why it was struggling. We were able to go back to a moment when I was a child that I had blocked out. After unpacking that, I spent time over that next week being able to comfort the child in me that desperately needed to be loved

After the craziness of this last year, it was what I needed to start to feel like myself again. I forgot what it looked like to do things for me and to do the things that I love to do. While I’m still in my growing process, I learned how to accept myself and where I’m at. Not to mention, I started my own podcast, which is something I dreamed of doing but never thought I could.

There were a few sessions that stand out, but I think it would be where you had me take myself out on a date. I hadn’t had the chance to do that since I moved home and it was something I needed. I needed time to focus on me, to celebrate myself and getting a second chance at life. Even that session was changing my perspective of the accident. Allowing myself to feel the emotions of the accident but instead of feeling sad about what happened, celebrating the life that I now get to live.

My time being coached by you was very timely. I still look at at when our first session was. It was the week of my one year anniversary of the accident. You reminded me that while it was painful, I was celebrating life.


I would say do it! If you’re considering using Matt’s services you are needing something he has to offer. Push past the fear of not knowing what to expect and embrace the journey.

 What I like best about coaching is that you process what is inside with someone who is not involved in your situation and then you are given tools and strategies to change what only you can change; yourself. I loved how Matt kept me accountable and when I didn’t hit the goals I set out for myself, he celebrated what I did do and lovingly pushed me to do better in the coming week. One of the most impactful moments is when Matt taught me how to go back and talk to “little me” and process events that happened in my childhood that have affected how I make decisions even today. Dealing with root issue and being okay processing through the pain and hurt I experienced but then being shown the beauty on the other side of it. 

Before coaching with Matt I felt so burdened, stressed, anxious, exhausted, and emotionally numb. As Matt worked with me, I started to notice a new spark in my marriage, life, and relationships with friends. I now feel light, relaxed, emotionally present, and full of energy.

I have noticed a huge change in my daily emotions. When things come up I now have the tools to process with myself why I am feeling and acting the way I am. Then I deal with where that response came from. This has been a huge thing for me, especially since being a man, we have been taught to stuff emotions down and not deal with them. 

I also am so much more confident in who I am. I have taken some bold steps in my business that I don’t feel I would have taken on if hadn’t said yes to coaching with Matt. My creativity has also been sparked again and I have ideas in business coming to me that I had forgotten about and new ones that I had never thought of before.

Ashley Klokkevold

I think coaching is for anyone willing & wanting to grow in ANY way. If you’re at all thinking of investing in coaching, I highly recommend it. Matt gave me a safe space to process, be encouraged & offered so many tools to help me grow & step more fully into the person I’ve been created to be… YOU are worth investing in.

Am I allowed to say meeting with Matt was my favorite? haha. Matt has a special gift of always being able to make it fun & leaves you feeling encouraged no matter what. The greatest thing I’ve learned from coaching is probably overall recognizing my *red-light* emotions/triggers & learning how to respond better to love myself well instead of always pleasing people first. My most impactful moment was (& is) recognizing, in those moments, my greatest fear is being left alone or abandoned in my process of those emotions/situations… With Matt’s help, I was given opportunities to realize this fear that comes up often & that enabled me to start building trust with myself & creating new, healthy responses when I feel those feelings.

Before coaching with Matt Coil I was feeling unsure of myself & not in touch with my heart, then I worked with Matt Coil and now I feel more confident about how to interpret & respond to everything happening in my inner world.

 I would say coaching with Matt has impacted my emotions daily & my confidence most. We got to work on self-awareness & communication with “little me”/my heart a lot… being able to recognize & interpret what’s going on inside as far as my emotions, thoughts, beliefs & experiences go has been the best gift & has brought greater confidence to my daily life. I am able to respond in such a healthier & kinder way for myself & my heart. Instead of stuffing emotions & always being what other people needed me to be, I’m able to feel & respond appropriately.


Shyanne Cordell

Matt is genuine, patient and thoughtful as he coaches. He does not use a “cookie-cutter” approach, he caters each session to the individual.

In short, one of the biggest things I‘ve learned has been how to see the need within myself, and then meet it. The most impactful moment from my coaching sessions with Matt was when he helped me see and know that I’m not alone.

Before coaching with Matt I felt afraid and unknown. Then I worked with Matt and now I feel safe and empowered.

Since working with Matt my inner world has become much more peaceful and I’m seeing the positive effects of that in my marriage, household and workplace. I find that I’m able to face difficult situations with greater confidence and remain mentally present in my daily affairs.

Thank you, Matt. I view you as one of my spiritual fathers and words cannot fully express the gratitude I have for the value you’ve added to my life. I truly mean this when I say it, you’re one of my heroes.

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