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Thriving One Podcast- Episode 32

We’ve been thinking about some of the key elements in our lives as we’ve been mentoring and coaching people for the last 25 years that have really been instrumental in helping people get launched into their lives being transformed or moving from one season to the next into a thriving state.

In this episode, we will talks about the importance of accountability through having a mentor or coach in one’s life for encouragement and growth. Also, we will discuss about Shifting from a limiting mindset of what one “can’t” do to a growth mindset of what is a priority. Tune in!

What do we have here for you?

  • The importance of accountability in personal growth.
  • Reflection on the importance of mentors in life, their positive influence and accountability.
  • The importance of community in marriage.
  • The importance of having a support system in each season of life, including friends, mentors, and peers, to provide guidance and encouragement.
  • The importance of investing in oneself for personal growth and transformation.
  • The value of consistency and accountability in achieving success, whether through group coaching, one-on-one mentorship, or hybrid programs.
  • The importance of humility and resourcefulness in pursuing personal growth and mentorship, despite financial limitations.
  • Advice on shifting mindsets by replacing limiting statements with prioritized ones, such as “I don’t have time” to “It’s not a priority for me to invest in my personal growth.”
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of humility in asking for help and investing in oneself, as seen in James 4:6.
  • Insights on humility and its role in success, encouraging listeners to embrace humility for breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives.
  • Free resources on their Coil Coaching’s free course and coaching sessions, to equip and empower them on their journey.

Quotes to ponder:

It takes humility to ask for help. So look for a mentor, invest into yourself.
Lindsay Coil
Coil Coaching
Core group of friends provide accountability and encouragement in their 40s and beyond.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep. 32
Invest in oneself through programs, coaching, courses, etc. to accelerate personal development
Thriving One Podcast
Ep 32
Consistency is key, but it's important to also prioritize rest and investing in oneself to avoid burnout and maintain spiritual, emotional, and relational health.
Matt Coil
Coil Coaching

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  • Email to be added to the waitlist for Lindsay Co& Matt Coil’s Kingdomized 1 Coaching Program starting in October, and mention the podcast for a discount.
  • Consider investing in a coaching program like Kingdomized One to get accountability, support personal growth through minor or major life changes, and work on areas like mindset, relationships, health, leadership and many more.
  • Finding accountability through a mentor or coach
  • Investing in yourself through programs, coaching, courses, etc.
  • Prioritizing rest and self-care
  • Developing humility and being resourceful.
  • Shifting from a limiting mindset to a growth mindset.
  • Checking your “honor guards” or support system regularly
Check out these Links and References mentioned in the Podcast
  1. Kingdomized One Program 
  2. James 6:8

Do you want to grow, prosper and multiply with all areas of life? Come and join us as we learn to thrive in who we are, what we do and who we do it with!

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