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Thriving One Podcast- Episode 18

Coil Coaching Women successfully launched the First Face-to-Face Retreat called Rooted and Established with the help of our executive and strategy assistant of Coil Coaching Women. She is Faith Boo, the first ever guest of Coil Coaching Podcast, and the owner of a jewelry brand called Dainty and Daring.

Tune in as we will talk about the preparations, experiences and the momentum felt by the women during our first face-to-face retreat. Join us as we talk more about this phenomenal event for women!

About our Guest

Faith Boo is the executive and strategy assistant of Coil Coaching Women and the owner of jewelry brand Dainty and Daring.

She is Brunei born, Hong Kong raised, Filipino, residing in Redding, CA who’s passionate about crafting, loving on women, and fighting for freedom!

"I have a passion for seeing women get set free to become all that God created them to be" - Faith Boo

In this podcast episode:

  • Chapter 1: Faith Boo is the executive and strategy assistant of Coil Coaching Women who also owns a jewelry brand called Dainty and Daring.
  • Chapter 2: Faith Boo shares her passion in empowering women.
  • Chapter 3: Coil Coaching Women is a community that caters to the fact that we are not alone.
  • Chapter 4: The biggest takeaway during 1st retreat of Coil Coaching Women
  • Chapter 5: Coil Coaching Women showed the concept of giving and receiving.
  • Chapter 6: The testimony of loving those parts of ourselves that seem to us as unlovable.
  • Chapter 7: Coil Coaching Women is a global network of women and community where you can feel belongingness.

Chapter 1: Faith Boo is the executive and strategy assistant of Coil Coaching Women who also owns a jewelry brand called Dainty and Daring.

L: Hi, everyone. This is Lindsay coil, and welcome to our coil coaching podcast, thriving one. And today we have a special guest and I am honored to welcome her into this podcast, our very first guest for coil coaching.

Her name is Faith Boo. And she is actually for those of you who are not familiar or haven’t really joined our women’s community, the Coil Coaching Women community. Faith is my assistant and strategy executive assistant. Sorry, executive and strategy assistant. I’m getting used to that.

But Faith, why don’t you introduce yourself a little bit and tell everyone a little bit about who you are and what you do outside of Coil Coaching Women.

F: I’m so excited to be on this podcast. Thank you, Lindsay, first of all for inviting me. And yeah, we’ll just share and see where God takes this conversation. Um, so it’s like introductions are always funny, right? And what do you say about myself like, which part of myself you know, there’s so many different parts.

I think first and foremost, I’m a new mom, that it kind of encompasses most of my life right now. I’m a full time stay at home mom and a part time jewelry maker, I have my own jewelry brand called Dainty and Daring. It’s dainty jewelry for courageous women who dare to live wholeheartedly. And I’m also learning to be an encounter coach. So I’m hoping to do both and kind of marry both. I’m not sure how but the Lord’s been talking to me about focusing on coaching and then focusing on jewelry. And one day he’s going to combine the two of them. I’m not sure how yet. It’s a mystery to me, but he’s gonna show me later one day. I think once I get certified and practice coaching, he’ll show me how both of them marry together. Yeah, so that’s what I do.

Chapter 2: Faith Boo shares her passion

I have a passion for women, I have a passion for seeing women get set free to become all that God created them to be. I think it’s because when I had multiple dreams about women, specifically, around shame and comparison, there’s one in particular where God showed me that every time we say a negative thing about ourselves, it’s also almost like physical mutilation. That’s how he sees it in the Spirit. And for us, we just think, Oh, we’re just thinking negative thoughts. But in the spirit, I saw a picture of us just mutilating ourselves, like physically. And it was such a strong dream that the Lord just told me this is what I want you to do for yourself is first of all get healing for myself, and, and that’s why I was led to coaching. But now I’m using both the jewelry side and the coaching side to empower women to see that we’re perfect the way that God made us. You don’t have to do anything more or less to be all God’s called us to be like we’re enough. And I’m preaching to myself every day.

I forget, I think the retreat was amazing, because it reminded me of all the things that the Lord told me about, about my calling and who I am as well. And I just needed a refresher because motherhood just threw me out of the loop.

Chapter 3: Coil Coaching Women is a community that caters to the fact that we are not alone.

Anyway, that’s who I am excited about coaching women and how God’s gonna use this platform for this community. I’m not just to serve you to serve us women, but to also to reveal to myself like who I am in Him.

L: Yeah, that’s amazing. If you’ve noticed that you are really very gifted in articulating your heart. And as you were speaking, I was really drawn to what you were saying about motherhood, about what we say about ourselves, and it makes it really, at least for me, and I’m sure the people who are watching and listening this podcast can relate to the fact that we are our own worst critic sometimes, like, that’s what I got out of it, we all deal with that to some to some degree.

One of my biggest hopes is that the platform that is called coaching women would really cater to the fact that we are not alone. You know, we are a community and even with a retreat, our first in person, one day retreat for coaching women. It was such a moment of you don’t know what’s going to happen. But you’re hoping and praying,the Lord shows up and the Lord meets us where we’re at. And I think that the way that we’ve set it up, and the way that we prepared it, it was such an incredible time, no pressure, because that’s what I felt like I didn’t feel any pressure to perform. And it was there was just a lot of permission to Yeah, as we are, and whatever it is that we’re bringing, you know, whether we have 10% 20% 30%, it’s just felt like so easy, and so accommodating to the fact that there was huge breakthrough that I felt even for myself as hosting the retreat. And so hopefully, this will be like, one of many, the first of many, and I’m excited to do more, with Coil Coaching Women and do more, obviously, we do faith,what you can bring, and bringing who you are, brings a lot of freedom to all the women out there, you know, as we are being true to who we are so, so I’m excited.

For those of you who are hearing this for the first time, faith came on, probably like a month ago or a few weeks ago, not even a month yet. But faith has done so much to encourage the women. And so I’m really excited with your involvement, and just your heart for the women that are coming in.

Chapter 4: The biggest takeaway during 1st retreat of Coil Coaching Women
So yeah, so now we can transition into what happened at the retreat, you know, I’ve been so excited.

For those of you who don’t know, like, there’s other women on the team, and we were debriefing on Monday, and just sharing our hearts and sharing, like really like what happened to us, what we saw, what happened to the women. And so I just wanted to kind of chat about it for a little bit and just kind of share with you all, what happened and transpired in the retreat. So, it was just like a one day retreat, you know, from 10am, to 4pm. And at least one of the things that really hit me the most is that women were driving anywhere between three hours to 10 hours, and there’s the level of hunger that they felt they had. And they brought that with them in the room. So that was really impactful for me, you know, to see how much hunger and how much value that they placed, not just on the retreat, but on themselves. You know, that’s what I saw, like when this group of women came and they were anywhere from three hours to 10 hours, they were just like, we couldn’t shake it. We knew we had to be here. And it was one of those things where you can’t really put a price on it. You know, so that is what really impacted me the most. So what about your faith? Like, you know, what was your biggest take away from the retreat? Or what was the most impactful for you?

F: Yeah, when you’re just talking about that, about people coming all the way I remember it being like a two week notice thing yet people are so hungry to come. That’s right.

This is amazing. I mean, like, we were praying into it expecting God to move, but whenever he does move, we’re still surprised. A good surprise. I think the biggest impact or the biggest takeaway for me, it was just how quickly the women connected with each other.

I think like, as part of the team, we were expecting maybe we would come in and help the tables out because the women are placed in different tables around like eight people. And I mean, it’s a day, like not even a day it’s 10 Tomorrow, right?

You don’t know how it’s gonna go like, are they gonna connect? Are they? Yeah, we don’t know who these women are, what their background is just stuff. So we were there like expecting to come in and needing to help and I was just surprised by how willing they were to share their hearts with each other like how vulnerable they were and how authentic they were. And the reason I say that is because at one point in the retreat, you called some of you know the women out to share what their table had talked about. And one by one these women started prophesying evil, yes, calling them out and honoring each one for like, what they shared and how they showed up.

Up at the table, and I was just watching and I was just amazed, like, literally, we could just sit back and just watch, like they took over in a good way. You know, it was
I think that was the most impactful when it comes to the community aspect of that one day retreat.

L: Wow. When you said ownership that kind of hit me, like, I got goosebumps, and I know that you mentioned it, like, just going back to watching him that moment when that moment happened, when this girl started prophesying over each of the person in their table, and when later on, she said, like I didn’t really wasn’t like, I wasn’t really planning on doing that, like, you know, so for her, she was just gonna come up and share what happened on their table. But then she did that, and then started calling out the gold in each, every single one of her tables, and then she just met most of them, you know, she came with one person, and just met most of them. And that’s what it was, like the ownership that she had an each of the women in her table had, it was just so freeing for me of what ownership could look like, you know, and even connecting it to the level of freedom and healing that each of the women experienced because of the level of ownership that they had, individually and collectively as a group. So that was good.

F: Yeah, I remember when we were prepping for this and asking the Lord like for a picture what he wanted to do. And yes, a picture that I saw of different women in different areas or, you know, seasons in life coming in with their cup half full or half empty, or like only 10% full, but then coming in and just expecting God to fill up however much they were willing to give out. I remember when I was sharing that all of a sudden I felt but wait, what’s going to happen during the retreat is they’re going to receive more than they even thought they would because of the momentum they’ll experience with the rest of the group. And that I feel like that actually happened? Because, yeah, yeah, at the end of the day, like everybody came, like more full than maybe they expected to be because they were all in. I feel like if everyone came in with this thing of, I’m not going to show up to my table, maybe some people would have been hesitant to share or to open up their heart. But I don’t think that happened, I think because of people’s ownership. And I think there’s also a point where you talked about your friendship, too.

I think it was like, how long was your friendship with your 30? How long was that? You were friends with the school with

L: my friends? Yeah. With your friend? years? 30 years? Yes. Yeah, you’re talking about 18 years old? Yes. Yeah,

F: That was incredible. And you’re sharing how you have these friendships that last for 30 years. And then you talked about coil coaching women, how your heart is for that, for the group to be like that for everybody to show up for each other at the table? And I think that’s what shifted for me.

L:But yeah, wow, as you were talking, I just felt this like gifted or sometimes, as women when we come to these events, and even just life in general, we feel like, either our, that, especially if some of us, you know, have a lot of responsibilities and time is gold. Like where I need time, you know, my alone time, my me time.

Chapter 5: Coil Coaching Women showed the concept of giving and receiving.

I just felt that there was a different layer that showed up there to where like, I know that women came in I’m gonna receive, for myself, but then something shifted, especially towards the afternoon, where it no longer just was no longer just me, or as an individual, you know, it started with the individual. And it started with the individual and their relationship with God going deeper. But then it was really interesting for me to watch, you know, because my heart was, you know, like, your name, right? How it’s connected to your relationship with God, your destiny, your call and authority on your life. When I knew that when women just knew who they were, and embraced that part of who they were without the comparison, without the competition, that they would be able to celebrate each other without the feeling of like, oh, there’s not enough for everybody. You know, and I think towards the afternoon because of the level of ownership that they had, and even the awareness that hey, even though I came here with 10% 20% 30%, that percentage that I have, it’s still beneficial if I also like show up and being able to receive and give away. Yes, is a concept of they were really excited for each other and if somebody was, standing up for prayer almost immediately people were laying hands on each other and just blessing them and giving them lending their strength. And so that one really blessed me. And that one really, kind of as an observer, somebody that’s, like, from my perspective, hosting the event, it showed me the, the potential of moments like that, when women set aside time to be intentional, and even if they came in with 10, 20, 30%, the Lord still met them, and then they were still able able to give. And because they gave, they were able to receive. So it was like that concept of giving and receiving. And there was like this lending, lending each other strengths and covering each other and celebrating one another. That was really, really powerful for me to watch. So yeah,

F: It was really beautiful.

Chapter 6: The testimony of loving those parts of ourselves that seem to us as unlovable.

L: Yeah. Wow. I mean, do you have the do? Were you able to talk to any of the ladies and maybe like, share, like a testimony or two from one of our a few of the attendees, like would love to hear? And I’m sure everybody would love to hear?

F: Yeah, um, there’s one in particular, I think her name is Andrea. And she was so hungry. She came in like, prepared to receive everything that the Lord had for her. I could tell like she was hungry. And I think she talked to almost everybody.

L: Oh, my God. Women, right? Yeah.

F: But I remember she was highlighted, because when she went up and shared, she actually, this is an exercise where we asked you, Jesus for the meaning of our name, like, why he called us that, yeah, and how it’s connected to her destiny. And I remember her sharing about how she’s kind of rough around the edges because she had a fight her whole life. Yeah. The Lord said over her that she’s gentle, and she’s kind and that’s something that she’s been fighting to and desiring for. But like, the Lord already sees that inside of her, like, she didn’t need to fight for it. It’s already who she is.

The reason that was impactful for me was because while the Lord was speaking to me about how I’m gentle and kind, I disqualify that as being too vague, or by not enough. You know, people on stage or people with platforms are usually super charismatic out there. And funny and yeah, all these things and all the things that I don’t think I am. I’m more soft spoken and very, like level headed and calm.
I love that thought about you.

Yeah. And so when she was saying that, that’s, like the gentler, kinder side of herself or something, she’s working on the Lord’s like, Hey, listen up, like, people actually deserve what you have. So don’t disqualify that. And, yeah, and then I started to think about the friend that she brought over, I forgot what her name was, oh, it was Rebecca. Yes, that’s, yeah, she got an A through FATCA. And she told me afterwards how Rebecca and her complete opposites like she’s very, like boisterous and like Rebecca’s more soft spoken, had put them together. And that’s really what the Lord spoke to the group about through me like this, that you could do, you can be both like, you don’t have to be either or, and there’s like an exchange, where you don’t have to just pick one side of yourself. And like the other sides weaker, that stronger, or it’s more popular, or it’s more acceptable socially. And so you need a, you know, level, upper level down, whatever. And so I think that really impacted her, like knowing that someone like me who’s more soft spoken, sees her as a strength.

And their friendship was God given that you could be both and you can still, you know, choose each other and not compare, you know, one or the others better than the other because, you know, whatever it is, you can come up with all these lies, that the enemy tries to put in your head about why it’s better than the other. Friendship was really highlighted to me all day.

Also, because the Lord was speaking to me personally about it, but I think in the group there were a bunch of people that stood up and said that they struggled with that, like disowning parts of themselves, because they didn’t think it was good enough.
But yeah, we can be both and

L: It’s not like it’s sometimes it’s not either or, most of the time, it’s really both, you know, so loving that parts of ourselves that seem to us as unlovable or unlikable. I shouldn’t say unlovable but sometimes there are parts of ourselves that we’re like, Ah, so and so does better me than that,and we go into comparison mode and go down that spiral, you know, and I think that there’s really great wisdom in what you just said. And to hear that, that was happening on the retreat is such a great encouragement. Because, you know, that was one of the testimonies I shared about the friend group that I had, you know, like, we weren’t just friends, because of something that we did, you know, we were friends, because we actually connected and liked each other. And it ended up being a way that we ended up supporting each other and what we were doing, you know, in high school, and, to me, that was such a beautiful picture of what was happening at the retreat, you know, in a simple form, simple way, you know, because, obviously, all of the women, you know, one of the things that I love, too, is like, we came in as like, you know, like, there’s always that awkward moment, when you’re coming in registering, and you’re coming in, and you’re like, looking around, Oh, where am I gonna stay? You know, it’s like the cafeteria. Yeah.

I didn’t have any way you could see, like, the people who didn’t come with anybody, and they’re, like, figuring out what am I gonna say, you know, and I think it was a beautiful picture, seeing that in the beginning to where, towards the end, you know, we had 15 minutes left, and we were like, Okay, we have 15 minutes left, and this is what we’re going to do. And they’re like, No, can we do it? Can we do two more hours? I wish we could, you know, we have the room and just for this amount of time. And then overnight, you know, and you could just tell that they were now comfortable, you know, there was a level of I don’t know if the word is comfortable, but there was a, a confidence that they had that it didn’t really matter how they came, but in the room, but the result of their intentionality that they kind of showed that they were more connected than not. So it was beautiful, because I was even when they were coming out, you know? Because I thought like, oh, okay, after four, they’re gonna all like, leave.

But they lingered, and they took photos with their table, and then I saw photos of them, like, Oh, this is my table. And yeah, the way they absorbed it, you know, and it just showed me that this is the power of what women in the community hold. I just feel like there is a sense of the power of belonging. And, and, and I mentioned that, like, you know, like we could gather as a community, but then you could be in a crowd or in a group of people, and there’s people around you, but you could still feel alone, and you don’t feel like you belong. Yeah, I think that we everybody, really were intentional in creating the atmosphere, like, we’re not just going to gather for a retreat, like we also are going to see how much of each other can we can we celebrate, you know, like, how much of each other can we connect, so, so I felt like that was like a really a win for us.

It was like everybody, you know, had played their part. And it was so beautiful, the roles and the functions, and obviously faith, like I am super thankful for you, like you came in at the right time. And you just really showed up and you were intentional. And you know, like, there’s a superpower there, you know, that you have in your stability and your ability to really create something out of nothing, or create something out of, you know, a few ingredients, you know, like you really stewarded what you were given, and you ran with it. And I think that also, communicated to the team and communicated to the ladies like God can work with what you have on your hands. So anyway, we are running out of time, like, I mean, we could talk forever.

Chapter 7: Coil Coaching Women is a global network of women and community where you can feel belongingness.

Do you have any last words at least just for this podcast, you know, something that you could, you know, encourage the people who are listening or will be listening or watching this podcast, specifically in regards to either coil coaching women, the retreat or the community in general?

F: Yeah, yeah, definitely. I feel like people, women in particular, are hungry for real friendships. I feel like everyone in the room like their face lit up when they heard about your friendship, your 30 year friendship and almost everyone went, Oh, I wish I had it’s really rare.

And I think it’s a great season right now where the Lord because we just came out of COVID where we were all isolated. And I feel like the Lord is rewiring us and, and wanting to form real friendships in this season.

Listen in the face and Riley shows us what belonging looks like. Once we get over that comparison, bug, oh, so I just encourage everyone to join Coil Coaching Women, Wherever, whatever season you’re in, like, just join and just get plugged in. And whether it’s you know, just to be encouraged and listen to Lindsey talk and go on her live video,

L: live video, I know, I gotta get better in communicating that too,

F: But you’ll be encouraged and you just, you know, stumble upon it, or just, you know, one encouragement, just post or make a comment, and the team is there. And I think, now that, you know, people have done their retreat, I’m hoping that I think most of them shouldn’t be on that group to quote coaching women, yeah, I’m hoping that they would take ownership of the Facebook group as well, and just jump in and encourage anyone that needs encouragement in the group. So yeah, um, set your calendars for the next one, whatever, whatever that is, you don’t know.

L:Yes, yes, we don’t know yet. But we will.

F: We will let you know, early,

L: I know, I’m like, okay, at least like two or three months, right. So that there’s like, time of preparation, and I so appreciate your faith and what you bring. And, obviously, you know, this is just the beginning. And for those of you who are watching and listening, or haven’t listened, we invite you to become a part of the community, you know, and like any other friendships, it’s going to be awkward in the beginning, you know, none of it is going to be like, it’s going to be organic, and but there’s going to be a level of uncomfortability and awkwardness in the beginning, it’s just like, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s like, when you’re first dating someone, you know, like, it’s not gonna be like, super, like, deep right away. And some of you I know, are pretty deep people, and I know, I can be that way. But, you know, just ride the wave, you know, and give yourself a chance to show up, the way that you would show up, you know, with not without any pressure, but just show up as who you are, you know, we have a great community going on. It’s a, it’s a, it’s a global network of women around the world.

So the Facebook group is just exactly for that, anywhere around the world gets when somebody posts, anybody could be awake, at any given point. And you can, you can, you can engage, you know, and so don’t limit yourself with the time and the place that you’re at. I know right now, the home base of coil coaching women is in Redding, California. And so most of our stuff is around here. But who knows, you know, coaching women could visit your country and could visit your city here. And we could do something International, international. I know, right? International, who knows. And so but for now, you know, engage as much as you can, or as little as you can, because the simplest thing that you can do sometimes is show up, look at the post or something and all you can do, you can, the least you can do is like or love a post. And then, you know, say something encouraging like That’s so good. You know, it’s really pretty simple. Or you can be super deep and sit and dissect everything that was posted, you have the freedom to be who you are, because you are celebrated and in a place where you can belong.

So anyway, thank you for your time. We can do this again with the rest of the team as well. But for today, thank you so much for coming in. And to all of you who are watching and listening. Thank you for tuning in. I don’t have any particular announcements at the moment. But be looking out for our next podcast with Matt, and we’ll see you soon. Bye.

Quotes to ponder:

When women just knew who they were, and embraced that part of who they were without the comparison, without the competition, that they would be able to celebrate each other.
Lindsay Coil
Coil Coaching
Every time we say a negative thing about ourselves, it's also almost like physical mutilation.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep. 18
The Lord is rewiring us and, and wanting to form real friendships in this season.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep 18
There is power of what women in the community can hold
Thriving One Podcast
Ep. 18

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