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Thriving One Podcast- Episode 20

As we approach this holiday season, it is the best time to talk about hope, what hope looks like, and how you can apply that to yourself and apply that to everyone around you, Instead of resigning ourselves to our current situation, we can dream and build new possibilities and that is what we call as hope in action.
When we hold hope in our hearts and minds, when we hold the vision of something new, we are compelled to move forward. Join us as we share more about hope and 6 ways to practice hope in action. Tune in.

In this podcast episode:

Before we get started, we just want to say happy holidays!

  • We just had an end-of-the-year celebration for Coil Coaching Women. So lots to be thankful for in nine months. Within 9 months, we have grown from zero to having more than 390 women representing 33 countries. If you are interested to join this global online community, wherever you are, visit our Facebook group, just go find Coil Coaching Women, and also if you want more information, you can go to our website. There’s still lots of stuff happening this December and there’s more coming next year. So love to have you.
  • We also have coaching, consulting, and counseling and we’re taking new clients. So reach out to us through our email Or you can go to our website,
  • We have our Kingdomized One Program getting through just the middle portion of it. We’re really excited. It’s been phenomenal. We love seeing people’s lives get transformed, informed, and empowered to be who they want to be who we want to be. So we’ll share more information as the next session happens here this upcoming year.
  • Since it’s the holiday season, we just had Thanksgiving here in America, and now we’re going into the Christmas season, and what better way than to start and talk about hope? So I was praying and thinking about what this podcast would be, I was thinking about hope, more specifically, what hope and action look like and how you can apply that to yourself and apply that to everyone around you.

Cultivating Hope: 6 Ways To Practice Hope In Action

Instead of resigning ourselves to our current situation, we can dream and build new hope in action.

The Power of Hope in action

  • Hope can be an energy source within each of us
  • It’s a type of knowing, beyond our five senses, touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste because when we hold hope in our hearts and minds when we hold the vision or dream of something new, better, and more life-giving, we are compelled to move forward towards it so good.
  • We have a choice to either keep hope alive, or to give into doubt and let hope fade away
  • It is so connected to the word possibility.
  • With hope in action, you can take ownership of starting it out on your own.

What were some devastating challenges that you faced this year and the turn that hope into action, letting yourself to partner with what could have been and what happened, what happened and what could have been?The Story of Hope from a famous Superman Actor.

  • If you knew Christopher Reeve, he is one of the original Superman and was best known for this role. He said “Once you choose hope, anything is possible.” Christopher Reeve had a spinal cord injury in 1995. It was an injury caused by a competitive horseback riding incident in 1995. The accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, and he was unable to breathe without a ventilator. But in spite of this traumatic life changing event, he made a deliberate choice to be productive, which gave him hope.
  • He knew the power of hope and by having hope helped him to endure that injury. He then started the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, with a goal of finding a cure and advancing the quality of life for people living with spinal cord injuries.
  • He also continued to nurture his creative side by directing a television movie after and then he also starred and directed in the movie remake playing event, dependent quadruped quadriplegic.
  • Christopher Reeve chose hope and it made all the difference, continuing to achieve greater things.

How do you move back into a place of thriving because life is full of uncertainty? How do we move back into and learn how to cultivate hope? Those are the key things why Matt and I do what we do.We talk about things with our clients and make a reprioritization of what you can do. This is to bring it into awareness that you can actually start making progress towards hope.

  • Discuss and make a list of what you can do that’s in your control and things that it’s not in your control
  • Sometimes most of the anxiety doesn’t really come from things that we can control, because we know we can do something about it. Most of the anxiety and the depressive state that we put ourselves in is on the list of what we cannot control. And these are things like if it involves another person making a decision.
  • We as human beings, like stability and safety in something that we can control. 
  • So one of the practical ways that I use this on my own too, but mostly my clients really get something out of it is when I have them tear that paper in half, and I have them keep the list of things that they can control, meaning that they can do something about it.
  • And then the list, I wish I could control this, but I cannot because it involves another person’s will or any situation that I have them look at, take a look at that list and say goodbye to that list.
  • They let go or either throw it in the trash, or burn it, depending on how extreme they are. And they’re not allowed to pick that back up again. And now the anxiety leaves that situation. And now you can focus on what you can do

Hope is not just a feeling that you feel.

  • It is something like, love in action.
  • It is like to experience hope there’s actually something you have to do which is to cultivate it

How do we cultivate hope?

  • By building this inner strength with practice
  • One of the ways is to express your feelings. This helps release the negative or red light emotions that are causing you to feel less hopeful.
  • Shift your attention also to now, and by asking “why am I feeling this way?”
  • Walking yourself through that process.
  • The acknowledgement and the validation of what you’re experiencing, and going through to yourself in a journal, to coach your counselor, those are key elements to letting yourself move on.

The importance of having a mentor

  • It is important to have a mentor. Some are not just mentors, they are like your peers, someone that you can trust, trust your hope with right now.
  • Express your feelings to a loved one. So practicing those, expressing your feelings, whether through a friend or through your journal, it’s really key for your self care, like you’re taking care of yourself.
  • Sometimes we have blind spots. Mentors are there to give you a different perspective, and maybe something like, oh, have you thought about this? Have you looked at it this way? So it’s key, and not just doing it on your own.
  • Sometimes you need someone with a skill set to help you move out of that stuckness.
  • Sometimes it’s great to have between you and the Lord. But there’s also this great strength and in community, whether that community is one person, all it takes is another person that could speak into your life and listen.

Practicing gratitude can make you more hopeful.

  • We’re called to live in peace.
  • We’re called to live in hope. But sometimes it takes the work of us moving forward and practically doing something.
  • We’re really fighting for being present now and being present with God. When you’re present with God, you experience peace. Because that’s where God is. He’s in that reality that he’s providing for us. He’s there for less than he’s with us. Can we be aware and gratitude moves us into awareness? That’s His provision of what you have already, which is key and what he will have the next time. You don’t know what you need tomorrow, but he does, and he’s going to meet that need

Peace is one of those signs of moving into hope.

  • As cliche as practical, practicing gratitude, may sound, it can really make you more hopeful.
  • Thinking about those things, like in that list, what you can control and what you can’t control, now you have an opportunity, you can think about all that you are grateful for, when you think about that, it puts things in a new perspective.
  • You can practice gratitude by writing down daily three to five things you are grateful for in a journal. Alternatively, you can also take grateful thoughts before you start or end your day.

Go outdoors and look at nature to practice hope in action

  • If you are an outdoors person, creative, going outside to look at nature is one of the ways that you can practice hope in action. When you are outside, you will feel that you are part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Take some time for self care. It may be a challenge during hard times. Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Engage in self care by meditation, taking a vacation, exercising, eating better, and visualize the life that you want and commit to make it happen.

Take-away message for you

  • Learn to express your feelings
  • Look for hope in unexpected ways
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Go outside and be with nature
  • Do random acts of kindness
  • Take some time for personal care.

Quotes to ponder:

God can turn that hopeless situation into something magnificent and amazing.
Lindsay Coil
Coil Coaching
Sometimes you need someone with a skill set to help you move out of that stuckness.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep. 20
We have a choice to either keep hope alive, or to give into doubt and let hope fade away
Thriving One Podcast
Ep 20
Bring it into awareness that you can actually start making progress towards hope.
Matt Coil
Coil Coaching

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