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Thriving One Podcast- Episode 12

Spirit man care is the focus of nurturing a healthy spirit man or the healing and reviving of a separated or fragmented spirit man. There’s a nurturing side and the healing side of it. As we’re growing, it’s important to take care of not only the body, not only the soul, but our spirit as well. Why do we need to care for our spirit man? Because as we take care of it, we honor God, we respect God. We respect the God part of us. And in doing so, we respect and honor ourselves, as well. Tune in as we talk more about this topic in this episode.

In this podcast episode:

We want you to hear on what's going on with Coil Coaching

    • We just had our first in person gathering for coil coaching women after launching last March 8. And we’ve had three online gatherings so far, which has been so amazing. And so I was like, we got to meet in person. So we had that. And it was such a great time of connection. You know, I love connecting with women. I love getting to know them. I love getting to know what their superpowers are, so we had a great time of connection, ministry and encouragement. You know, we were also encouraged and inspired.We will have another online gathering on July 22. Friday, so looking out for details. If you are in the email list for coaching women, you will get an email if you are in the Facebook group community, you will hear about it. So if you want to know more about our community, just go to And you’ll find everything there.

    • And the first week of September, we start our programs. So we’re gonna be we’re gonna be launching Kingdomized One which is our it’s a personal development program for individuals wanting to grow personally in every area of their life identity, Destiny profession, and relationships, loved it have so many great testimony than our coil coaching and Coil consulting side of things, which is our we call our our advanced leadership programs. So if you want to be trained to be a coach, or go into more of the counseling side, in life consulting is what we call it, then that’s going to be going launching also, it was started a little bit later than the Kingdomized One program. But that’s, that’s coming up. And you can check it out on our website at 

    • We are going to be having an Open House at the end of July. Yes. So if you want to be a part of it, if you want to get to know more of our programs, just go ahead and send us an email at And just say like, we want to hear about it, you want to know about it. So we can send you the information on when it’s going to be.

Spirit Man Care

We are creating spaces of belonging and growth together. And so, today we want to talk about spirit man care.

1. What is spirit man care?

  • Spirit man care is similar to the definition we gave about soul care.
  • And spirit man care is the focus of nurturing a healthy spirit man, or the healing and reviving of a separated or a fragmented spirit man.
  • There is a nurturing side and the healing side of it.
  • The soul ultimately is the director. It directs and guides us as individuals, as a whole.
  • The Spirit Man is created to be the guide and the soul is the one making the decisions.
  • When the Scripture talks about the renewing of the mind, we renew the mind so that it can be led by the Spirit.
  • The three parts should be united and not devalued as they are equally important.
  • We are on this continual growth journey. In this journey, while we’re maturing, is a journey of more connection and deeper relationship with God by understanding him and understanding ourselves.
  • We are complex beings as we are connected to the complexity of heaven and God. It’s so important that we take responsibility for growing and not get too focused on just one swing.
  • When you focus just on one thing, you are limiting yourself to the demonstration and experience of the fullness of God.
  • It’s like electricity, it’s actually a connection. When you value each thing, and you pay attention to each individual thing, all three aspects can work together.

2. Why do we want to care for our spirit man?

  • The first key element here is to grow.
  • We need to understand our spirit man. We need to understand that when we care for our spirit man, we honor God, we respect God, we communicate value.
  • As we care for ourselves, as we care for our spirit man, we’re honoring God.
  • What we value, we care for. What we care for, we communicate and value.
  • If we only feed our spirit man, once a week, it’s not really honoring somebody. If we value our relationship with the Lord, then we will care for it.
  • It’s the overdoing of things where it takes away from the ultimate thing. Do things that relate to your growth and being connected to God.
  • Spirit man care allows us to live our fullest life .
  • It allows us to be the best version of who we can be in the best life experience that can only be made by us when we are letting our spirit man shine.
  • It honors God, it respects ourselves which ends up turning around and also respects God’s values as we value our uniqueness.
  • It allows us to live the fullest right version of who God created us to be.

3. How do we care for our spirit man?

  • The key source is the journey of understanding how and why God created us as individuals.
  • It’s so important that we grow and know ourselves as our identity and who we are related to as unique individuals. In doing that, it’s really a self discovery journey and a discovery of God because he’s within us.
  • So as individuals, we shine apart. As we discover that part, we value and act upon it to experience fulfillment, and the ultimate experience, which is God, himself.
  • It is not just through knowing, educating yourself, and reading the Word but also by experiencing and encountering God through the world.
  • When I think about our spirit, man, it has two main parts: general and specific spirit identity. The general spirit identity was what we would think of the most when we think of our spirit man. That personality source is shining. The specific spirit identity is where we really want to get into and understand the most.It’s something we go into great detail and help people discover.
  • Comparison limits us within a box that we think we should be.
  • When you properly care for your spirit man you’ll experience true fulfillment, proud of who you are and celebrate your uniqueness.

Quotes to ponder:

If we value our relationship with the Lord,
then we will care for it.
Lindsay Coil
Coil Coaching
Comparison limits us within a box
that we think we should be.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep. 11
Spirit man care allows us to
live our fullest life
Thriving One Podcast
Ep 11
As we care for ourselves, as we care for our spirit man, we're honoring God.
Matt Coil
Coil Coaching

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