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Thriving One Podcast- Episode 15

As we are growing or progressing in the seasons of our lives, we’ve always needed some kind of support in our lives. It is key to have a support in those spaces to actually move forward in success. From our experiences, having different types of people in our lives has accelerated or moved our journey to a more beautiful, more valuable one, not to mention less frustrating. In this episode, we talk about what is it like to build support or what we call a life team. Tune in.

In this podcast episode:

So anyway, any updates from us?

  • First, we are going to be starting our programs on September 15, 2022.
  • The first one is Kingdomized One and we have our Coil Coaching Programs, which are our Advanced Leadership Programs. We did our first one last year, and now we are relaunching it new and improved. So we want to invite you to check out our website And if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us at and reach out to us.
  • It will start on September 5th with our first teaching and on the 15th our live Zoom meeting that will be happening with the group. You can do it with a group, your friends, your family, your church. This is all online. It is very interactive. There’s a community in there, connection, activation and growing together. So we’re really excited about that.
  • For the updates of Coil Coaching Women, we just had our August Gathering Online last Friday. And it was amazing, you know, we tapped into the power of empathy, which of course we discussed in one of our podcasts. So we invite you to check that out. And if you want to join coaching women, you can also visit our website, We invite every woman to join us. Join our ever growing online community. We’ve had one local gathering, where we had 50 about 50 women come from reading. And another good news about call coaching women is we are going to be having our first in person retreat here in Redding, California. And it’s going to be on October 21st and 22nd. That’s a Friday and a Saturday. The plan is Friday evening, and the whole day Saturday. So more on that we will announce that later on. If you are like yes, I really want to join the retreat, book those dates, and wherever you are. Come join us.

How to Build your Life Team

Well, let’s dive into our podcast today. It’s gonna It’s exciting. We’re going to be talking about building your life team. This is a fun topic. And you’ll kind of hear as we kind of share some of our story behind how we’ve been doing this.

1. Who's on your life team and the importance of support?

  • As we’ve grown as individuals, as a couple, in ministry, in business, we’ve always needed some form of support in our life, and in the way of people.
  • Support means to bear the weight of for somebody or to give assistance to and it’s so key that as you’re going throughout life and as you’re growing and you’re progressing
  • It’s so key to have support within the seasons of your life for you to actually move forward in success
  • Having different types of people in our life can accelerate and make our journey more beautiful, more valuable, less frustrating.

2. What does it look like to build a support team or a life team? Here’s our journey:

  • Matt: So I had the privilege in my life, to have mentors in my life. Starting out in junior high school. I was obviously going to church, and I was going to a youth group. The youth group I was a part of had a really solid mentoring system or discipleship system. I always had, not the pastor, but some kind of leader within the youth group. Normally, the ones that I had were in their 20s, or into their 30s and 40s, that were speaking into my life. So these youth leaders would oversee maybe like, five to 10 youth. So I always had an older guy in my life. In that experience, I discovered the value for having different roles and support roles in my life. And that season in my life, junior high school, I was a bit of a knucklehead, I was going through all the typical teenage things. I was a pretty good kid in a lot of ways, and then a knucklehead and other ways. So the things I remember the most about my high school, junior high years, I don’t remember, the youth services, or the church services I went to or the topics even I can’t recall topics. But what I remember is the people that invested into my life, especially when I was a knucklehead, especially when I wasn’t making great choices. I remember their patience, I remember their consistency. And I remember their influence. And I would say that the reason I’ve done the things that I’ve done throughout my life, so I would say in the area of helping people support missions work, ministry work, it’s because of the influence of these gentlemen in my life. I can think of many of them. One of my mentors, Larry, Larry Keller, George Negretti, Tony, these individuals, Doug, you know, I just, I can list one person after another that spent time with me, and sewed into my life. Apart from my family, my parents, it really developed me into the man that I am today. So, I want to share a little story about us.
  • Lindsay: I didn’t grow up in church, like the normal Christian church, you know, I was born and raised Catholic in the Philippines. And even then I could pinpoint certain people who were there for me, who developed me, as a leader. It wasn’t just that in the spiritual aspect. There’s also in the leadership area, in the life area. As we are talking about right now, people that came alongside and supported me, I could remember teachers, coaches, like I was in sports, and I could remember my coach, my trainer, and my team. We were in a Catholic school. It was really interesting what that did to my confidence because I think one of the things as we’re talking about building your life team, it’s like, it affects you in a certain way not just in your character and integrity, but also in your confidence, and stepping into what you’re passionate about. So now putting into when I got saved when I was 18 or 19 years old. I can also remember certain people in my life, like my aunt, my youth pastor, and I remembered some of the youth leaders, and that rallied around. I was pretty much also a good kid, but nobody’s perfect, right? We all have, obviously, some flaws, weaknesses and stuff. Most of the things that I would remember about my leaders, my mentors, whether in life leadership and spiritual aspect, is that they were there for me when I felt like I had failed. I would remember moments where I thought I had failed myself, failed my failed people, I remembered people, including you. It was when my confidence was low and I was at my weakest point. Leaders like yourself, and my aunt and other teachers that I’ve had, my mom, my dad, they really stepped up and were like, in my weakest moments, like they held me. What I’ve learned in building your life team, it is not just about how articulate you are, in what you say, or your experience, but really is about also holding each other.

3. There's three types of people.

  • The first one was the people that I was sowing into. They are younger than me, or people that I was discipling. I always wanted to have one or more of those types of people in my life that I’m sowing into. So it’s just like an outflow.
  • The second one is the people that I’m doing life with. So my peers, who am I running with? Who can I? Who can I laugh with? Who can I buddy up with? Who can I say, Hey, I see you’re going through the same season, the same rough patch, maybe that I am, I think, the same celebration, so maybe having kids or transferring into a job or leaving for a house, you know, all those kinds of things. And adulting
  • The third one is who’s speaking into my life? Mentors. This is my life team. They are who I’m running with. They are who I can lean on, and they can lean on me.

4. Building our life community.

  • Being intentional is a part of building our life community.
  • Don’t be afraid to embrace the unknown. No one starts out a season as an expert.
  • Everybody starts out as the beginner when there’s something new in front of you. Be humble and teachable.
  • In building your life team, it’s not going to be perfect right away.
  • Being teachable is recognizing that you have limitations and the reason you need to learn or be taught something is because there’s limitation or there’s a wall
  • If you’re hitting a wall, it doesn’t mean it’s a place where you’re stopping or you can’t get by. It’s an invitation to ascend like a real life staircase. God’s inviting us on a journey of maturity.
  • The idea of humility is to be teachable.
  • How can we navigate the limitations of our skill set and help through that? Have a mindset of “I need some form of support”
  • There’s a lot of intentionality that’s required and reaching out and sometimes you need to know what you need before you look for who’s going to help you.
  • The first step is to just reach out to somebody, you know, whether it’s a spiritual,emotional or physical aspect of your life.

Quotes to ponder:

Building your life team affects you in a certain way not just in your character and integrity, but also in your confidence, and stepping into what you're passionate about.
Lindsay Coil
Coil Coaching
Building your life team is not just about how articulate you are, in what you say, or your experience, but is also about holding each other.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep. 15
Don't be afraid to embrace the unknown. No one starts out a season as an expert.
Thriving One Podcast
Ep 15
If you're hitting a wall, it doesn't mean it's a place where you're stopping or you can't get by. It's an invitation to ascend like a real life staircase.
Matt Coil
Coil Coaching

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